COMMUNICATING VESSELS. Collection 1881-2021

The Museo Reina Sofía rehangs its Collection with a willingness to offer narratives and experiences which, without seeking to be exhaustive or categorical, speak of the present time through the critical study of the common past.

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Episode 1 Avant-garde Territories. City, Architecture and Magazines

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Episode 2 The Lost Thought

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Episode 3 Campo cerrado

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Episode 4 Double Exhibition: Art and Cold War

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Episode 5 Enemies of Poetry: Resistance in Latin America

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Episode 6 A Drunken Boat: Eclecticism, Institutionalism and Disobedience in the ‘80s

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Episode 7 Apparatus 92. Can History Be Rewound?

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Episode 8 Exodus and Communal Life

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The Museo Reina Sofía’s Restoration Department is entrusted with conserving and restoring works in the Collection.
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