The Expanded Theatricalities Chair


León Ferrari. Dios (God). Photographic collage on cardboard. Buenos Aires, 1964. Ferrari family collection

Poetic violence means to get away from clichés, to escape general opinion, to try to get thought to reach where emotion reaches, to divest ourselves from a life of commitments and halfway points, to not lie, to look a little bit further, to long for what is doable; it is hunger. (…) Poetic violence is, therefore, an act of resistance against real violence. (…) There is a need to make unacceptable works, always unacceptable for the officially self-righteous. Poetic violence is the only possible revolution.

Angélica Liddell
El mono que aprieta los testículos de Pasolini, (The Monkey that Squeezes Pasolini’s Testicles), 2010

Education programme developed with the sponsorship of the

Santander Fundación

The Chair

Curated by the collective ARTEA, this Chair analyses the thought inhabiting stage and performance practices, encouraging the listening and dialogue that materialises between artistic practices and modes of social theatricality. The aim is to punctuate the political potency of theatre, choreography and action art, taking into consideration that which is inherent in all of them: the modes of collaborative production and the simultaneous presence of bodies, differentiated and individualised, turned into places that posit discourses, the manifestation of forms of dissidence and the emergence of desire as the driving force of life. 

At a present time dominated by violence logics on bodies, exploitation, disciplining and the instability of lives, the Chair is set up as a chance to decry and critically analyse forms of submission and exploitation. Above all, from the materiality of art-making situated between chorographic, theatre and performative research, social intervention and political action. In short, an invitation to cross-examine those practices which put forward theatricality as an instrument for rethinking co-existence and discord.


Curator of the Expanded Theatricalities Chair

ARTEA is a research group and independent association comprising members with ties to different universities and research centres.

The collective’s work rests on the premise that academic and creative research is inseparable, and thus fosters dialogue, collaboration and exchange between artists, academics and cultural agents. Creating these spaces of interaction, whether they are permanent, ephemeral or virtual, is their main objective.