The Rompente Collective, an endeavour of unrest and cultural resistance, was formed in Vigo in 1975. It was made up of a diverse and shifting community of poets, artists and musicians who, for almost a decade, carried out performances, happenings, concerts, collages, manifestos, pamphlets and numerous publications. Embedded in the collective’s undertakings were words like Marxism, freedom, colonialism, consumerism and nationalism, perpetually approached from avant-garde and underground perspectives.

In May 2022, the Museo Reina Sofía welcomed The Underground Atlantic Experience. Forty Years of the Rompente Collective (1975–1983), a broad encounter which sought to delve, via the voices of leading figures, observers and researchers, into the collective’s rationales, concerns and inner workings.

This intentionally random video looks to continue this initial exploration of Rompente while also shining a light on its flyers, secret reports, marginal annotations, poetry collections and other written and self-edited publications. Its experimentations included poetry anthologies such as Crebar as liras (1976), documents like Poesía, colonialismo, cultura nacional e desenrolo político (1977), the text “A poesía galega: pre-textos históricos” (1978), the collective book Silabario da turbina (1978), the poetry trilogy known as Tres Tristes Tigres (Three Sad Tigers, 1979), the literary manifesto Fóra as vosas sucias mans de Manoel Antonio (1979), the last book produced by the collective, A dama que fala (1983), and the subsequent Ringo Rango (1992) by Antón Reixa. A complete and complex literary whirlpool that was fleeting and turbulent and as tasty as the “egg and milk crème caramel” to which one of its collected poems refers.

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Rompente Collective


3 august, 2022
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