This new piece, made frame by frame by Javi Álvarez and narrated by some of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries’ most representative Spanish artists, interprets the rehang of the Collection via the question: How, Why and for What Purpose is the Collection Rearranged? 

The restructuring of the Collection is the result of over ten years of research and work by almost every department in the Museo, in response to the urgent need to accommodate new voices and experiences that allow our past to be revisited. The incorporation of works shown for the first time in the rooms of the Museo allows new subject matter to be surveyed, for instance the contemporary condition of migration, the 15M movement and gender identity, as well as significantly increasing the presence of women artists, underscoring the role of photography and film and transversally including architecture in the exhibition discourse.

Eight different episodes are put forward to examine more closely the Museo Reina Sofía Collection and to respond to the current time, with its malaise, challenges and hopes, and to try to build a narration of a common present.

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How, Why and for What Purpose Is the Collection Rearranged?

COMMUNICATING VESSELS. Collection 1881-2021

16 september, 2022
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