The interview conducted with artist Julie Doucet (Montreal, 1965) in this video is part of the Museo’s Documents programme, which, in its 28th edition, focuses on a key figure in the development of comics in North America at the end of the twentieth century. Doucet’s cartoon strips display unreserved feminism which does not shy away from tackling themes such as sexuality, menstruation or the oneiric subconscious, channelled through variegated and explosive graphic art in black and white. In the conversation, she reflects on the sources she draws from to make her autofiction, her affinities with other artists such as Nicole Claveloux, Caroline Sury and Ulli Lust, her withdrawal from the world of comics and how she has cultivated other forms of artistic expression — illustration, collage, poetry — as well as her return to the graphic medium with Time Zone J. in 2022.

Documents is a programme organised by the Museo Reina Sofía that explores the relationships between art and publishing, and other subjects that include the effects of archive on narratives of art history, the artist’s book and publishing as an artistic practice.

Julie Doucet


20 june, 2024
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