The installation by Isaías Griñolo (Huelva, 1963) is framed inside the 2008 crisis in Spain, triggered by the bursting of the housing bubble caused by the global financial crisis. Market deregulation and its relationship to States and supranational organisations resulted in the destruction of employment and the commodification of housing, one of the most conspicuous forms of exploitation in contemporary societies. Friso poético_documental: la FIERA en SEVILLA 1652 > 1917 > 2013 (A Poetic Documentary Frieze [WILD ANIMAL in SEVILLE 1652 > 1917 > 2013]) is a long-haul research project which seeks to shine a light on the indignation expressed by citizens in the streets over measures such as Article 135 of the Spanish Constitution and the non-compliance of Article 47 in relation to the right to housing, criticising the evictions policy and displaying the inequality between clashing forces.

Financiado por la Unión Europea

Isaías Griñolo

14 july, 2022
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