Archipelago is a new series of concerts that views listening at once as a form of knowledge and aesthetic enjoyment. In this, the first edition, Archipelago is enveloped in drone and minimalist music, exploring its influences and unexpected offshoots.

This session presents Severine Beata, name chosen by Marta Peláez for a new sound project, who performs some of these new tracks alongside Javi Álvarez (Fluzo, Dúo Cobra, Néboa, Dj de la muerte, La Follable, etc.), producer of the record presented on this occasion; and the band iNSANLAR (literally meaning “humanity” in Turkish but with more profound and esoteric connotations), whose album Kime Ne, gained international admiration, catching the ear of the listener with its idiosyncratic blend of traditional Anatolian-Mesopotamian instrumentation, electronic music and spiritual and philosophical lyrics.

Archipelago 2017. Severine Beata and Javi Álvarez + iNSANLAR

23 april, 2018
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