Sarah Jones: El diván, el comedor, la casa, el jardín, …

13 september, 1999 - 17 october, 1999 /
Sabatini Building, Espacio Uno
Exhibition view. Sarah Jones: El diván, el comedor, la casa, el jardín, ..., 1999
Exhibition view. Sarah Jones: El diván, el comedor, la casa, el jardín, ..., 1999

Sarah Jones (London, 1959) presents in Espacio Uno twelve large photographs, which are part of The Dining Room and Consulting Room series.

The couch, the dining room, the house and garden are scenes where various actions happen, carried out by silence. Through these works, the artist deals with the cracks in occupation and emotional relationships between humans and their environment, in a theatrical, figurative and pictorial style.

In the case of photographs of couches the view of the images is encrypted in the missing elements. Moreover, the construction and staging of the suspended narrative is the element that activates the tension that encloses the compositions of domestic interiors.

The exhaustive realism and the special prominence provided by colour and illumination give the photographs a strong impression of painting. However, in the words of professor and historian Alberto Martin, "Sarah Jones does not so much make a documentary record as a conscious theatricality which tends to create a place to imagine it."

The purpose of the artist is to reveal the confusion between reality and fiction. In this sense, the rooms or the gardens that she photographs seem to be locations that come from the world of dreams; she is able to provide these images with a dreamlike dimension.

It is worth noting the importance of the adolescents as protagonists in the The Dining Room series. This is the element which arms the complex system of references, both the real and the dreamed, like conflict of acceptance, fear and personal frustration.

In this light, Sarah Jones’ photographs reveal a crucial issue: loyalty to family and memory. Adolescence can be understood as a stage of transition and change, and family and their scenarios are the bonds and the legacy that limit the development of each individual. Adolescents are the truncated metaphor of a legitimate process of regeneration and its response is inaction and indifference, in some hermetic scenes where time is suspended.

As a set, these photographs illustrate the wanderings of girls around the house and the modernisation of the struggle between the past -the family and its construction through furniture and ornamental objects- and time, present and uncertain, which represent adolescents.

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