Cultural Mediation

Cultural mediation arose in response to the Museum’s need to promote new ways of communicating with visitors and to give them easy access to content produced by both the Collection and the temporary exhibitions. With these objectives in mind, in March 2011 a free, ongoing service was begun, provided by a group of cultural mediators and aimed at the general public visiting the museum independently.

The Museum’s Cultural Mediator team comprises young art history graduates with a highly specialised background in contemporary art. The work they are entrusted with demands a comprehensive knowledge of the Collection, so they get specific training and are part of an ongoing training process. Their aim is to improve the quality of the public’s visit to the Museum and to broaden the possible ways of reading the Collection. To this end, they carry out the following functions:

  • Consult the visitor about what they require, helping him or her to create a more meaningful visit.
  • Answer any questions the visitor might have about works in the Collection.
  • Carry out guided visits to the Collection and give the visitor full information about Museum activities.
  • Provide the visitor with any materials they may need for unguided visits.
  • Let the public know about any interpretation tools available in the interpretation area, and show them how to use them
  • To be aware of the varied needs and concerns of different publics.

They are located in the two interpretation areas situated within the Museum's Collection (Sabatini Building, floor 1 and floor 2. Visitors will recognise them by their red t-shirts.

Los Mediadores Culturales se distinguen por sus camisetas rojas