Corporate and institutional support

The Museo Reina Sofía warmly welcomes collaborations with companies and institutions attracted by the idea of becoming part of the life and soul of the museum, thereby contributing to its programme of activities and projects. The types and differing degrees of collaboration will vary according to the company in question and its specific design and adaptation to the institution’s philosophy. Therefore, the Museo Reina Sofía offers different collaboration channels in a range of areas, for instance the conservation and restoration of its Collections, the organization of temporary exhibitions and the development of cultural activities or education programmes. Its ultimate aim is to provide a quality service to visitors, offering them the keys to gaining greater knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of contemporary art.


Department of Strategy Development, Business and Audiences

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Corporate members

The Corporate Membership programme has become a key channel of support for the Museo. This pivotal, long-term association with companies and institutions enables the Museo Reina Sofía to offer millions of annual visitors an expansive museum programme, encompassing the study and enhancement of the Collections, exhibition programmes, restoration and conservation, an education programme, and so on and so forth.


Companies, foundations and institutions which are involved as sponsors engage with the Museo on the basis of their corporate collaboration in funding activities and developing cultural programmes.

Media Partners


Partners safeguard the implementation of public activities based around temporary exhibitions organised internally. Therefore, the Museo welcomes the collaboration of companies which support, for the first time, cultural projects with alliances that foster the start-up of new initiatives for its Cultural Activities programmes.


A patronage agreement for the floor renovation project on Floor 1 of the Sabatini Building. 

Fundación Almayuda

A patronage agreement for the exhibition Moroccan Triology 1950-2020

Fundación Abertis

A patronage agreement for the Museo’s cultural activities.

Fundación EDP

A patronage agreement for the lighting project of the Palacio de Cristal in Parque del Retiro and a Patronage agreement for the lighting project of the Rooms 206 of the Collection (Guernica and its historical context).

Goethe-Institut Madrid

Support in developing the Archipiélago 2020 concert series.