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The order of time and things. The home studio of Hanne Darboven (25/03/2014)

25th March — 1st September 2014 / Main site

The exhibition The order of time and things. The home studio of Hanne Darboven brings together a large selection of pieces from the artist’s studio, showing, for the first time in a museum, the setting in which Darboven (Munich, 1941- Hamburg, 2009) worked.

Although the exhibition does not aim to recreate the studio in its entirety, it does look at the internal logic connecting each one of its elements, in contrast to the randomness with which it may seem to have been built. So as to offer a broader vision of her work, with emphasis on the two main formulas developed by the artist throughout her career, the exhibition also includes a representative set of her numerical writing projects, musical compositions and calendar sequences. In both spheres – the collection of objects and her insistence on reticular structures and grids – Darboven seems determined to hold back time and reconstruct it using meta-architectures in which the temporal realm unfolds into space.


With the collaboration of Goethe Institut.


Organisation:Exhibition organized by the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and the  Deichtorhallen Hamburg - Sammlung Falckenberg in collaboration with the Hanne Darboven Foundation
Curator: João Fernandes
Coordination: Soledad Liaño