Germán Labrador Méndez, Head of Public Activities

Academic Background

1999 Secondary Education Music Teacher Training, specialising in Piano.

2002–2006 BA Hons in Hispanic Studies (2002) and Romance Studies (2006) from the University of Salamanca.

2003–2005 Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) (2005) from the University of Salamanca, with a one-year study programme at Université Paris IV-La Sorbonne (2003).

2003–2007 FPU Scholar on the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture’s Programme of University Lecturer Training.

2005–2007 Research Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley (2005) and New York University (2007).

2008 PhD in Spanish Literature and Hispanic American Literature from the University of Salamanca, with a co-tutelle at Université Paris IV-La Sorbonne. With degree and PhD honours Summa Cum Laude.

Professional Experience

A professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Princeton University since 2008, and a full professor at the same university since 2018 (currently on leave). Visiting professor at both the Universität Hamburg (DAAD) and at CUNY-The Graduate Center.

His research in the field of cultural history specialises in the study of Iberian worlds in the contemporary era, setting out from the relationships between aesthetics and politics, citizenship and memory. He is the author of Letras arrebatadas. Poesía y química en la transición española [Raptured Letters. Chemical Poetry During the Spanish Transition to Democracy] (Devenir, 2009) and Culpables por la Literatura. Imaginación política y contracultura en la transición española (1968-1986) [Guilty of Literature. Political Imagination and Counter-culture in the Spanish Transition to Democracy, 1968–1986] (Akal, 2017). Moreover, he co-curated the exhibition The Poetics of Democracy. Images and Counter-Images of the Spanish Transition (MNCARS 2018–2020) and worked as an advisor in the new arrangement of the Collection. His published works number in excess of one hundred and include editions, research articles, book chapters and academic texts in magazines and for Spanish and international publishers.


Gross earnings for 2022: 67.963 €