Mabel Tapia, Deputy Artistic Director

Academic Studies

2006 Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts from Université Paris 8.

2008 MA in Contemporary Art and New Technologies from Université Paris 8.

Professional Background

2004–2010 Production assistant, contributor and curator in different institutions and projects from the art and culture sector in Buenos Aires and Paris.

2010–2012 Lecturer on the exhibitions Excentrique(s), by Daniel Buren (2012), Anish Kapoor’s Léviathan (2011), and Personnes by Christian Boltanski (2010) at the Grand Palais, Paris, inside the framework of Monumenta, an event organised by the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP).

2010–2014 Promoter (with Olivier Lesmele, Ian Simms and Stephen Wright) of International Domestic Exhibitions by Affinities (IDEA-Z), a series of exhibitions and activations in domestic spaces.

2012–2013 Professor of Art History at Pavillon Bosio, École supérieur d'arts plastiques, Monaco.

2013–2015 Joint coordinator of the programme Hors-Pistes, working with communities in the process of social reintegration, exploring alternative pedagogies and developing a series of collective publications related to the exhibitions: Dynamo. Un siècle de lumière et mouvement, 1913-2013 (2013); Niki de Saint-Phalle (2014-2015), Jeff Wall (2015), and Hokusai (2015), Réunion de musées nationaux-Grand Palais (RMN-GP), Paris.

2013–2017 Coordinator of the Southern Conceptualisms Network (RedCSur).

2014–2017 Researcher in the Yves Klein archive, Paris.

2014–2019 Editorial coordinator of the following publications: Archives of the Common II. The Anomic Archive (Pasafronteras, 2019); Cahiers du post-diplôme 7-8, revue du Diplôme supérieur de recherche en art Document et art contemporain (ÉESI-ENSA Bourges, 2019); Desinventario. Esquirlas de Tucumán Arde (Ocholibros, 2015); Really Useful Knowledge (Traficantes de sueños, 2014), and Losing the Human Form. A Seismic Image of the 1980s in Latin America (Museo Reina Sofía, 2012).

2015–2016 Guest lecturer in the research group from l'École supérieure d'art et design, Toulon Provence Méditerranée, proposing the study and research programme, coordinating sessions and evaluating projects put forward by young artists. 

2017–2020 Joint director of the post-graduate programme in artistic research Document et art contemporain carried out in École européenne supérieure de l'image (ÉESI) and École nationale supérieure d'art (ENSA), Bourges.

2018–2020 Coordinator of L'Internationale for the project Our Many Europes.

2020–Present Deputy Artistic Director of Museo Reina Sofía.


Remunerations for the year 2022 (The occupation of this position has changed over the year): 87.683 €