La Laboratoria. Espacios de Investigación Feminista

Not one less. We want each other alive and free, Argentina, 2018. Photography: Ximena Talento

La Laboratoria is a transnational device to support feminist activist research. It understands the feminist activist research as the one carried on by those who are involved in different territories, involved in concrete conflicts and struggles, led by different languages and questions which are common at the same time. It is an research that applies the lens of the feminist contempt to diverse processes, overflowing any drawer or pigeonhole of those considered "women's" issues.

With a presence in five cities —Buenos Aires (Argentina), Quito (Ecuador), New York (United States), Mexico City (Mexico) and Madrid—, La Laboratoria promotes activist research within the feminist tide as a situated theoretical practice that allows to collectively build analysis and positioning maps.  Its members nurture networks of collaboration and exchange among those who seek to elaborate and conceptualize their political trajectories, favouring at the same time the dissemination of ideas and debates on a global scale.

The Museo Reina Sofía has worked together with La Laboratoria since its foundation in 2019 with the aim of supporting and participating in the development of a situated feminist theoretical production with transnational circulation.

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