Institute of Radical Imagination

Biennalocene, Venecia, 2023. Fotografía: Giorgio Schirato. Cortesía del Goethe Institut
Biennalocene, Venice, 2023. Photograph: Giorgio Schirato. Goethe Institut Courtesy

The Institute of Radical Imagination (IRI) is a Mediterranean-wide network, founded in 2017 by artists, activists, academics and cultural producers with a shared interest in co-producing research, knowledge, artistic and political research-interventions aimed at implementing post-capitalist forms of life.

With the vocation of joining art, activism and pedagogy, the IRI emerges as a post-capitalist institution —or "quasi-institution" - which operates as an interface between diverse spaces and agents, causing mutual contamination between academic institutions, museums and self-managed social centers. By rejecting the statist notions of public art and the incorporation of activism within the neoliberal museum, the IRI experiments with critical forms of pedagogy and political economy (livelihoods), and locates its action in activist and artistic networks inside and outside the artworld with the aim of democratizing cultural institutions from the point of view of the commons.

The Museo Reina Sofía has collaborated with the Institute of Radical Imagination since its foundation in the development of activities and research projects related to artistic practices, culture and pedagogy in different contexts.

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