Library and Documentation Centre Resources

What is the SACD?

SACD stands for Servicio de Acceso al Documento, the Document Request Service. This service enables you to locate and obtain any information not within the Museum's collection, and it also provides documents to other institutions that request them.

What can the museum staff request through the SACD?

Original documents (monographs, conference minutes, theses) and copies of documents (journal articles, books chapters or sections). The SACD will act as the intermediary between the user and the institution that has the document. This service will not deal with any copyright issues, which are the responsibility of the person making the request.

How do I request a document?

Send a message to with all the data you have about the publication you wish to obtain. Before requesting a document, please check the Library's catalogue and the electronic resources that are available there, to ensure that it is not already part of the Museum's collection.

How will I be informed when the document becomes available?

When the SACD receives the requested document, the user will be informed of its availability in an e-mail from the institution.  Journal articles will be made available in electronic format, and can be downloaded from a folder identified with the requester's name, at the following route: IntercambioTemporal/SERVICIO DE ACCESO AL DOCUMENTO. The reference works will be made available to the user through the Museum's internal mail service, to be delivered to the reading area. Certain works can only be consulted at the library, in accordance with the conditions established by the loaning library.

What is the typical response time?

Every effort is made to ensure as short a response time as possible, although for requests involving interlibrary loans, the response time is conditioned by the loaning institutions.