Using the Library


  • The Library of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía is a research center specialized in Contemporary Art, therefore preference in the use of the reading room will be given to researchers or students accredited as one of the following groups: Spanish National Library researcher, CSIC researcher, research interns, phd students, ICOM members, MNCARS friends, SEDIC members, museum workers, University and high school teachers, as well as graduate and undergraduate students in History of Art, Fine Arts and Film studies. In case of performing any short of research but not being accredited as any of the groups forehand mentioned, please contact us ( in order to get the appropriate authorization.
  • To enter the Library you must show a national ID card, passport or other official identification document. You may bring in books, notes and, when needed, laptop computers, scanners and cameras.
  • Coats, umbrellas and other objects must be left at the coat check located next to the Library's entrance.
  • All the books, periodicals and other material in the Library are public property. Please take care of the items and help prevent deterioration. The Library appreciates being informed of any defect or anomaly in the condition of the documents.
  • The library does not make loans to individuals.
  • Los lectores podrán hacer fotocopias y fotografías dentro de los límites que marca la Ley de Propiedad Intelectual y atendiendo a la conservación del documento.
  • Readers can make photocopies and photographs within the limits established by the Spanish Intellectual Property Law and in accordance with the document's state of conservation.
  • Do not request more books than you really need, as monopolizing books is not fair to others. Please show solidarity with other readers.
  • Readers are responsible for the material they use.
  • After they have been used, books should be placed in the carts or on the tables made available for this purpose, so that they can be returned to the shelves by the staff. Only library personnel can place books back on the shelves. Please collaborate, it is for the benefit of everyone. A book in the wrong place is as good as lost.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the Library. All laptops and cell phones should have the sound turned off.
  • Readers must stay within the Library's public areas and they must keep quiet. The areas marked as reserved for staff are not to be used by the public.