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The Museo Reina Sofía Library’s collection of serials publications comprises some 2,500 titles published in Spain and in an array of countries. The themes explored revolve around contemporary art: photography, design, architecture, different art techniques, museology, auctions, to mention but a few. 

Titles with greater historical value are classified using the reference REVII, which groups together publications protected with special conservation: some of these copies were published in the 19th century, while others date from the 20th century. Nevertheless, the section also includes more recent publications which, owing to certain characteristics, require greater care.     

In addition to these historical holdings, there are also other printed and digital serials publications which highlight the constant growth of the collection with editions from the year in progress. Subscriptions to the most relevant publications in contemporary art and related or interdisciplinary projects emphasise the Library’s desire to enhance and update its collection with editions of interest for specialists.  

Available to users is also a notification service informing of the availability of new issues of titles subscribed to by the Library in the Reading Room. To subscribe to these distributed lists of serials publications, please write to indicating the title of interest. Further information on this service is available in the document My Library.

Explore this collection

To locate serials publications in the Library’s catalogue, advanced searches are recommended. In “Document Type” select the option “Serial Publications”, entering the name in the “Title” field. Or, alternatively, carry out a general search, entering the title (or a keyword) and the term “Periodical”.

Once the journal or magazine has been located, its corresponding library reference number appears. The editions available in the Library can be checked through the “Collections” tab and the information available on the holdings inside the “Notes” field.  

Magazines and other serial publications can be accessed in three different ways:  

  • Free access: the latest editions of certain titles are found in alphabetical order in the magazine racks located at the back of the Reading Room on Floor -1. Readers may access these editions directly. 
  • Reserve collection: the majority of serials publications are preserved in the Library’s reserve collection and, therefore, must be requested from library staff in compliance with the established procedure. Please refer to the Library Guide to obtain more information on the procedure to consult materials and loan requests in the room.  

The titles of those magazines bearing a REVII reference are part of the Museo Reina Sofía Library’s special collections. Therefore, they can only be consulted at the table reserved for such purposes on Floor -1. Their use and reproduction is limited.

  • Digital: Online digital publications are available to be consulted using the Library’s Wi-Fi connection or on the computers in the room, in which case library staff will provide guidelines on their use.

From the Museo’s networks, some of these materials can be consulted online via LaDigitaldelReina. Consultations from external networks may be restricted due to intellectual property rights.

If you require more information, please refer to the Library’s terms of access and use, Library Guide, and available services. Library staff in the Reading Room are also available to deal with any questions.

 Minotaure, no 1, Paris, Albert Skira, 1933. Museo Reina Sofia Library and Documentation Centre
Minotaure, no 1, Paris, Albert Skira, 1933. Museo Reina Sofia Library and Documentation Centre

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