Isidro Blasco. Thinking about that place

11 may, 2004 - 4 july, 2004 /
Sabatini Building, Espacio Uno

The projects presented by Isidro Blasco (Madrid, 1962) at Espacio Uno in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, are based on photographs from rooms in which he has lived or worked. The artist creates a process of reflection or intimate conversation with the empty architectural space. From this exhibition an installation emerges which reflects the energy and dynamics of the site.

In the figure of Blasco his activities as sculptor, architect and photographer come together, with a result that stems from the author’s contact with the city he visits and the people who inhabit it. In his work Blasco manifests in his work that reality is actually a sum of fragments, fruits of a construction. Blasco establishes emotional relationships with his surroundings, the streets he walks down, the studio where he works or the houses where he lives and rebuilds these places from the collection of photographs taken as a sequence of frames. The artist assembles the photographs and cuts and separates the various elements shown in the images, thus obtaining a three-dimensional effect.

During the last decade, in a type of detailed topographic exercise, Blasco has dedicated himself to photographing his apartments from different angles. Subsequently, the artist integrates these visual documents in three-dimensional structures of wood that he builds himself. Variations in the perception of space, the particular way of looking at his environment and his problems with materialising space and emptiness, are the central themes of his ideas. The view Blasco projects on these places does not come from an objective description, but arises from the emotions and experiences accumulated by living them, places where the past and present, destruction and construction coexist.

On this occasion the artist reconstructs a life-size section of his New York apartment with a distorted perspective, determined by his subjective perception of the surroundings. Blasco removes the two-dimensional picture of the wall and rebuilds it so that the spectator can literally go up a ramp and enter into the rooms within the photograph itself. Thus, the project combines architecture, sculpture, photography, sound and video to create a total environment, an environment that is the building a life with many visual nods to his daily life. This procedure, which understands space as an analytical form, intellectualised and which recreates volumes through its polyhedral presentation, reminds us of cubist and constructivist solutions.

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Organized by: 
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
Catherine Coleman
Isidro Blasco