Dora García. Todas las historias, Festival de performance y vídeo

1 december, 2005 - 8 january, 2006 /
Sabatini Building, Espacio Uno

With the title Todas las Historias (Every Story), in Espacio Uno of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Dora García (Valladolid, 1965) presents a collection of all her performances and the majority of her videos in something almost akin to an individual 'mini-festival'.

The artist, currently living and working in Brussels, primarily focuses her work on creating the contexts in which traditional communication channels between the artist, the work and the viewer are altered. García's work is highly conceptual as it employs diverse creative mediums (drawing, sculpture, photography, installations, the Internet) and generates fiction that explores the multiple interactions between subject and context. She is particularly interesting in the ever-changing laws of human existence in society; her chosen ideas could be a statements of social conditioning, chance, determinism and the significant contradictions in the relationship between the individual and society.

A programme of her video work is presented in the first room in Espacio Uno; videos that do not document her performances, but maintain close ties between space and content with the performances that take place in the second room of Espacio Uno, and which can also be moved to other spaces inside the Museo as their scenarios are described on the wall along with their schedule. Todas las Historias originates from one of García's previous performances featuring a series of characters that simultaneously narrate stories in a loop, thus bringing them to life. The direct relationship between the public and the Museo as an institution is one theme that runs through García's work, put forward as a negotiation between representation and reality. The exhibition is concluded with a leaflet, drawn up to collate the content of the performances, and an artist's book that narrates a synopsis of the stories - the book is the third volume of a publication that joins a total of 2,800 stories.

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Organized by: 
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía