Claudia y Julia Müller. ¿Con quién dejamos a nuestros hijos e hijas?

21 january, 2003 - 2 march, 2003 /
Sabatini Building, Espacio Uno
Exhibition view. Claudia y Julia Müller. ¿Con quién dejamos a nuestros hijos e hijas?, 2003
Exhibition view. Claudia y Julia Müller. ¿Con quién dejamos a nuestros hijos e hijas?, 2003

The sisters Claudia Müller (Basel, Switzerland, 1964) and Julia Müller (Basel, Switzerland, 1965) turn adolescent ideals into the main theme and debate of their works. Identity issues and questions about love and personal relationships in youth are made manifest from cultural criticism.

With the use of drawings and under the guise of overflow, their works are presented like a big comic that turns into installations, motivated by the certain expansionist tendency of some artists. This is accomplished by projecting images, videos and drawings directly on the walls, as well as incorporating objects that symbolically complement their spatial interventions (trees, stuffed animals, sofas, etc.). The conceptual framework that establishes all the elements becomes a metaphor for the complex world of teens.

This exhibition at Espacio Uno, ¿Con quién dejamos a nuestros hijos e hijas? consists of two projects, one installation and a video installation, showing the Müller sisters’ themes and the usual resources. Firstly, the analysis of human behaviour in the context of marriage and the couple, and secondly, the assumption of drawing as an analytical means which allows the reinterpretation of chosen images as the iconic basis for their pieces. In this sense, through drawing, the artists change the icons and stereotypes associated with youth behaviour to the point of subversion.

The Müller sisters work with their particular personal archive of images drawn from the media. They also use their collection of postcards and photographs of themselves or their fans. In them, different ranges can be distinguished, according to their nature: private, public and even historical images. They are used to research social relations, the various forms they take, and the way in which people present themselves to others. They also ask about the formal aspects and the internal structure of photographs, even about the author's intent in each of them. All the hidden information of each image is investigated and reinterpreted by artists.

Conversely, their drawings -made from images taken mostly from an imaginary youth- become more complex in their themes. The artists are concerned with issues such as exotic cultures, the parallels between monkeys and humans or the learning of cultural patterns in childhood. In the words of Claudia Müller, it is all derived from their experiences and from their taste for "showing those moments that are unclear." Thus, childhood, strange, wild and mystical things are mixed together and intentionally raised to the same level, to encourage a visual collage with all the variety of images.

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Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
Amelie López-Aranguren
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