Education Information Point


The Education Information Point is a service that provides assistance to all visitors interested in familiarising themselves with the Museo’s educational programme, particularly groups of adults and children visiting for the first time or, on the other hand, those that are already familiar with it and want to discover new perspectives.


This Point is located on Floor 1 of the Sabatini Building and is open to the public every Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


The information staff in charge of this service offer specific advice to family visitors in various ways:

- They converse with each group in order to gain an idea of their previous experience of the Museo, their interests and the time they have available to carry out the visit.

- They propose one or various possibilities for the visit in order to gain a better understanding of the Collection, based on the needs and expectations of the group.

- They give out free educational material to enable children and adults alike to carry out a self-guided visit.

- They provide information on the activities programmed by the Museo for this visitor sector, welcome participants, and oversee the evaluation of these activities.

Educational Resources

Leap into the Void activity

Video on Cultural Mediators in the Museo

Education Information Point. Floor 1, Sabatini Building

Education Information Point. Floor 1, Sabatini Building