Sin título (Untitled)

Equipo 57

Paris, France, 1957 -1962
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    34 x 44 x 36 cm
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Equipo 57’s sculptural work was based on a process of investigation that brought together the principles of Russian Constructivism and the study of analytic geometry and dynamism, related to Jorge Oteiza’s research on aspects of the plane in motion. The group’s first sculptures were made in Denmark for the exhibition at the Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen in March 1958, where they showed pieces in plaster and stone, and models and prototypes in metal and other materials. Sin título (Untitled, 1959), develops the idea of a spatial continuum that the group had first formulated in their “Teoría de la interactividad” (Theory of Interactivity, 1957); a concept of expanding plastic space by using shapes created by the juxtaposition of hyperbolic paraboloids, which meant they could go beyond the flat limitations of the Constructivists and move into the expression of dynamism through the multiplication of curves. The aim of the piece is continuity between what they referred to as space-mass and space-air, in order to illustrate one of the three types of inflection defined by the artists in the text “L'espace architectural dans la plastique expérimental”. The work was done at a pivotal time in Equipo 57’s career when they were trying to apply their previously pictorial and film-based proposals to sculpture.

Carmen Fernández Aparicio