Sin título (Untitled)

Soledad Sevilla

Valencia, Spain, 1944
  • Date: 
  • Material: 
    Painted methacrylate
  • Dimensions: 
    49 x 49 x 0,3 cm
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“With the reiterative use of the line I try to create a magical, mobile and immersive environment, full of light and half-light, which is largely a fictitious space,” the artist explains. These two works (AD05035 and AD05036) were created in the legendary Calculus Centre at the University of Madrid in January 1966 – after an agreement between the University and IBM – where visual artists, engineers, architects and programmers shared a pioneering Net Art experience in Spain. The pieces stand out through their geometric abstraction and are created by patterns of two-dimensional modular forms, a non-uniform hexagon, which spread and expand across the whole support to give the impression of infinite multiplicity.