Gut ausgeleuchtete vorweihnachtliche Ausstellung an Leopoldstrasse. Entwurf James Lee Byars. Kunstraum Daxer, München (Pop It Out). 1991-1992 (Well-lit Pre-Christmas Exhibition in Leopoldstrasse. Design by James Lee Byars. Kunstraum Daxer, Munich [P

Martin Kippenberger

Dortmund, Germany, 1953 - Vienna, Austria, 1997
James Lee Byars - Detroit, Michigan, USA, 1932 - Cairo, Egypt, 1997 (Design of the poster)
  • Date: 
  • Technique: 
    Silk screen print on paper
  • Dimensions: 
    87,7 x 63 cm
  • Category: 
    Graphic art
  • Entry date: 
  • Observations: 
    View of a room. Selection of 58 posters by Martin Kippenberger, of the 95 in the Museo Reina Sofía Collection. This poster is not included in this view.
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