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Informe General (General Report)

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  • Date: 
  • Media description: 

    16 mm film transferred to video (DVD)
    Script: Pere Portabella, Carles Santos and Octavi Pellisa
    Music: Carles Santos
    Production: Films 59
  • Duration: 
    173 min.
  • Colour: 
  • Sound: 
    Original version with Spanish subtitles
  • Category: 
  • Work temporarily loaned to the Collection. Courtesy of Films 59

Informe general sobre algunas cuestiones de interés para una proyección pública (General Report on Some Interesting Facts for a Public Showing) is a fundamental film for understanding the political and social processes that formed part of the passage from dictatorship to democracy in Spain. With the intention, as indicated in the title, of “informing” for public purposes, Pere Portabella explored possible strategies for achieving rule of law. To do so he put himself inside the pre-democratic spirit shared by the agents that conceived of and gave shape to Spain’s transition to democracy, which included the filmmaker himself, through his active participation in the Catalan political party PSUC. He did not make a documentary following the techniques and strategies typical of this genre; instead, he made a “fiction document.” He challenges the conventions of the medium by creating a montage, in which he mixes material he himself had filmed with images of anti-Franco demonstrations, fragments of other Spanish cinema works, the reconstruction of historical events, etc. Of particular significance within the dense fabric that makes up the film is, on the one hand, the filming of key places in the history of Francoism, such as Palacio del Pardo or the abandoned Parlament de Catalunya and, on the other hand, a series of clandestine interviews with key figures in this historical period, such as Felipe González and Santiago Carrillo, along with other representatives of political and labour organizations, many of which were still illegal at the time. Music by Carles Santos adds a certain tension to the collage.

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