Interval 10. Andrés Duque

Oleg and Strange Arts

September 16 - 17, 2016 - 7:00 p.m.

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Organized by
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

The Intervalos (Intermissions) programme, which shows screenings of recent film work, presents a preview of Andrés Duque’s latest movie, Oleg and Strange Arts. The film moves between biography and performance, bearing witness, through moments in the life of Russian composer Oleg Karavaychuk (1927–2016), to the return of beauty that is at once eccentric, fragile and pathological.

Andrés Duque’s film work is one of the most original illustrations of the so-called dissolution of film after the Internet. Mixing archive images with documentary footage and fragments from multiple screens, his work issues a steady stream of audiovisuals that seek to represent moments in life. These elusive and wandering images portray biographical narrations and eccentric subjects that inhabit unique, vanishing worlds.

After focusing his maiden work, Iván Z (2004), on exploring the dark world of director Iván Zulueta (1943–2009), the film-maker once again enters into dialogue with another offbeat artist, Oleg Karavaychuk. Duque became aware of the figure of this cult musician, supremely talented pianist and theatre and film composer after discovering him on the soundtrack of a picture by film-maker Kira Muratova. Karavaychuk, who remained aloof and isolated from society for decades on end, reveals a paradoxical concept of art as a route of both salvation and reclusion. Consequently, Oleg and Strange Arts paints a unique picture of the artist as an eccentric and accursed person, whilst also furtively unfolding as a manifestation of the way creation is understood as an exercise of resistance. 

The film has won awards at the festivals FID Marseille, Cinéma du Réel and Punto de Vista and has been shown internationally.

Andrés Duque will present both showings of the film. Furthermore, the screening on Friday 16 September will be accompanied by the dance piece Epilogue. Tribute to Oleg Karavaychuk (28.12.1927 – 13.06.2016), conceived and performed by the dancer and choreographer Javier Martín through an extended dialogue with Oleg Karavaychuk.


Andrés Duque is a film-maker, audiovisual programmer and creative documentary lecturer. In 2011 he produced his first feature film entitled Colour Runaway Dog, which premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and won the Audience Award at the Punto de Vista Documentary Film Festival. The following year, he was a guest at the prestigious Flaherty Seminar in New York. He also received the City of Barcelona Award in 2013 for his film Dress Rehearsal for Utopia.

Javier Martín is a performance soloist whose work revolves around explorations into dance and performance art and is characterised by the use of improvisation as a language and creative method on stage. His ten-year-long career has seen him debut around thirty pieces. With prior training in the field of sciences, his choreographic output is associated with a process of epistemological investigation.



Actividad pasada Friday, September 16
First screening

7 p.m. – Sabatini Building, Auditorium

Presentation by the film-maker and the first screening of Oleg and Strange Arts

Blu-ray, 70’, original version with Spanish subtitles

9 p.m. – Sabatini Building, Floor 1, Room 102. Richard Serra

Javier Martín. Epilogue. Tribute to Oleg Karavaychuk (28.12.1927 – 13.06.2016)

Length: 21’

Acknowledgements: Museo Universidad de Navarra, Teatro Colón, Karavaychuk Foundation, Acción Cultural Española, the Spanish Embassy in Russia and Cultura da Deputación da Coruña

Actividad pasada Saturday, September 17
Second screening

7 p.m. – Sabatini Building, Auditorium

Presentation by the film-maker and the second screening of Oleg and Strange Arts

Blu-ray, 70’, original version with Spanish subtitles