Impregnaciones en la señorita nieve y guitarra / Curso de Silencio

Mónica Valenciano / Vera Mantero

2 february, 2011 - 7 p.m.
Associated project
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Organised by

Madrid's Festival Escena Contemporánea and the Regional Government of Madrid

Impregnaciones en la señorita nieve y guitarra presents the confluence of a character drifting between truth and fiction and a gaze that searches in between these two halves. The video, made by Chus Domínguez, was created by Mónica Valenciano as a contribution to the work La maison du sourd, by Catherine Diverrès. Valenciano started her career as a choreographer and performer at the end of the 1980s. She founded the company El Bailadero and created, along with the choreographers Ana Buitrago, Olga Mesa, La Ribot, Blanca Calvo and Elena Córdoba, the research group UVI - La Inesperada.

Curso de Silencio is a project by Vera Mantero and Miguel Gonçalves Mendes that is based on the universe of images of the Portuguese writer Maria Gabriela Llansol. For the video scripts, fragments were taken from different books by and interviews with the author, which made it possible to approach her work transversally and to address one of Llansol's central ideas: “scenes of brilliance,” core scenes without time or space, the linking of which follows a system unbeknown to the reader. Miguel Gonçalves Mendes and Vera Mantero have materialized their creation in two different versions, with a single name: Curso de silencio. Here we show the version by Vera Mantero.