Dance Attacks at Museo Reina Sofía

Brief explosions of dance when least expected

29 april, 2012
different places in the Museum

An initiative of: Association of Dance Professionals and Cultural Association for Dance of Madrid

Dancers at the Museum
Dance Attacks at Museo Reina Sofía

April 29 is International Dance Day, as proclaimed by UNESCO in 1982. On this day, the Association of Dance Professionals of Madrid, which has a membership of over 700 dancer and choreographers (, organises activities to make dance more visible and bring it closer to society as a whole. Dance Attacks are small, seemingly spontaneous actions appearing out of the blue from among the crowd, with a maximum number of three dancers and lasting no more than three or four minutes, in unexpected public areas considered inappropriate for dance.

On Sunday, April 29, various Dance Attacks will "happen" at Museo Reina Sofía throughout the morning and early afternoon. The participants include some of the most outstanding dancers and choreographers of Madrid, such as Chevi Muraday (Compañia Losdedae), Patricia Torrero and Florencio Campo (Arrieritos Danza), Rafaela Carrasco, Adrián Santana and Manuel Rodríguez. They will surprise visitors at Museo Reina Sofía by performing fragments of their choreographies.

The next day the series of Dance Attacks will be posted on youtube and circulated through the social networks. In just a few days, thousands of people will have seen the audiovisual happening called Dance Attacks. The films posted last year have been viewed by almost 10,000 people. To see them, follow this link:


11:15 a.m.:Sabatini Building, Area de descanso, Collection 3
Helena Martín (coreógrafa)
Remei Domingo y Francisco Guerrero

1:00 p.m.:: Sabatini Buiding, Patio-jardín
Florencio Campo y Patricia Torrero (Arrieritos danza)

1:30 p.m.: Sabatini Building