CNDM. Proyecto Veinte21 (III)

Joan Cerveró, director

4 june, 2012 - 7:30 PM
Associated project Live Arts
Nouvel Building, Auditorium 400
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CNDM. Proyecto Veinte21 (III)
CNDM. Proyecto Veinte21 (III)

One process is counterpoint, which in Stockhausen's conceptual work introduces us to a very rigorous piece which is in turn full of fantasy and constructive ingenious, a small delicacy of colours, in contrast to the structured, exuberant and always changing In C by Riley, a historic figure and one of the main protagonists of what is known as repetitive music. The emotional counterpoint comes from the Estonian Pärt, with one of the most well-known and often performed scores of his catalogue and a perfect letter of introduction to the most essential features of his music. Another piece that requires emotional surrender is that of the surprising Icelandic singer and media star Björk who speaks of the influence of Stockhausen on her music and her admiration for him. A contrast between worlds which, as we will see, are not really that far away from one another, since they are both part of the same reality, the same world.
For this concert, Alicante-born composer Ricardo LLorca was commissioned to write a piece. Llorca's language, for reasons of both his influences and his conviction, does not stray from the constructive rigor of the classics, in this case Bach and Stockhausen, but neither does it forsake the melodic and communicative expressiveness of their music, which is supported here by the sensuality of Pärt and Björk. The musician and DJ Daniel Cantero will be taking part in this concert, through a live performance on his Reactable, which will become a true visual and sound show in this version of what is considered to be the first work of minimalism: In C by Terry Riley.


J. S. BACH: Contrapuntus I de Die Kunst der Fugue (1740)
S. MEGÍAS: Sshhcrack! (2012)
A. PÄRT: Fratres (1977 – 2007)
R. LLORCA: Borderline (2012)
J. S. BACH: Contrapuntus XIV de Die Kunst der Fugue (1740)
G. LIGETI: Kammerkonzert (1969-1970)