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The Estampa Popular and the critical image movements in Spain

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During the Franco dictatorship, a series of political and artistic movements emerged and assumed a position of antagonism to the regime. On this occasion, two of the Museum's exhibition rooms will be visited: the first is the one dedicated to Estampa Popular, a movement that favoured art that was involved with the world, that was comprehensible and accessible, far from the elitism of the abstract avant-garde.

The second room presents cases such as Equipo Crónica, Equipo Realidad and Eduardo Arroyo, who, in the mid 1960s, during the period of economic development under Franco, used a critical figuration that ran counter to the individualism so present in the abstraction of that period.


The Estampa Popular and the critical image movements in Spain

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    January 1 - December 31, 2016

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