Current Exhibitions

Main venue

Richard Hamilton
By virtue of a selection of works produced between 1949 and 2011, the exhibition devoted to Richard Hamilton presents a comprehensive retrospective look over the work of one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century.
Date: until 13 October 2014
Location: Sabatini Building, Floor 3
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photobooks. Spain 1905-1977
In conjunction with PHE2014, the exhibition photobooks. Spain 1905-1977 presents a journey through the history of the photobook in Spain by way of a selection from the Museo’s Collection, along with a varied ensemble of complementary materials.
Date: until 5 January 2015
Location: Sabatini Building, Floor 4

Playgrounds. Reinventing the Square  
Through a selection of works from different time periods and mediums (painting, sculptures, installations, videos, photographs, archive devices…), this exhibition analyses the socialising, transgressive and political potential of play when it appears linked to public space.
Date: until 22 September 2014
Location: Sabatini Building, Floor 1

Time and Things. The Home Studio of Hanne Darboven
This exhibition looks at the work of artist Hanne Darboven and the objects and pieces she amassed in her family home in Am Burgberg, where she lived and worked her whole life.
Date: until 1 September 2014
Location: Sabatini Building, Floor 3

Retiro Park. Palacio de Velázquez and Palacio de Cristal

Kerry James Marshall: Painting and Other Stuff
An individual exhibition that brings together a collection of works related to life, culture and Afro-American history, approached through multiple lenses. This selection visibly displays the North American artist’s aesthetic and political commitment.
Date: until 26 October 2014
Location: Palacio de Velázquez, Retiro Park

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster. SPLENDIDE HOTEL
SPLENDIDE HOTEL presents a scenographic exercise based on the architecture and history of the Retiro’s Palacio de Cristal, putting forward a journey through spaces and times, where the imaginary is mixed with reality and where literature maps out the guidelines to follow for inhabiting this oneiric world.
Date: until 19 October 2014
Location: Palacio de Cristal, Retiro Park


Film series. Seduction and Resistance. At the Limits of Pop

Mike and George Kuchar. Sins of the Fleshapoids. Film 1965

Mike and George Kuchar. Sins of the Fleshapoids. Film 1965

This film series traces various moments in audiovisual culture that display pop confronting pop, recognising the seduction of consumer culture whilst also keeping it at a critical distance. Seduction and Resistance. At the Limits of Pop spans from the mid 1950s to the end of the 1970s; that is, from the time Pop Art was forged to the decline of punk, characterised as “politicised pop”.

The programme, in connection with the Richard Hamilton exhibition, involves a series of thematic screenings that approach new post-war youth culture, film collage as an investigation into the image, the North American underground as narrative subversion and the flipside of celebrity culture and its excesses.

Date: Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 6 to 28 August.
Location: Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Time: 7 p.m.
Admission: free, until full capacity is reached
Curator: Juan Antonio Suárez


Multimedia. New Video and audio archives on the Museo’s website

The multimedia channel on the website presents a recent selection of videos, podcasts from the RRS Museo Reina Sofía Radio Station and archives from lectures and conferences related to the current programmed activities.

Noteworthy audiovisuals include the new video on the Museo, produced this year, and everything related to the Richard Hamilton exhibition: a conversation with curator Vicente Todolí, the set-up process in the exhibition and presentation of Richard Hamilton. There is also the interview with Kerry James Marshall about his exhibition in the Palacio de Velázquez, Retiro Park.

Furthermore, videos from the other exhibitions are also available: photobooks. Spain 1905-1977. Interview with Horacio Fernández, Playgrounds. Reinventing the Square, João Fernandes on the exhibition Time and Things. The Home Studio of Hanne Darboven, SPLENDIDE HOTEL, conversation with Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and podcasts on the Museo radio station.


Terrace Museo Reina Sofía

Throughout the summer, the Terrace Museo Reina Sofía is open to the public once again. This open-air space in the Sabatini Building is accessed, free of charge, directly from the street, via the Glorieta de Atocha. During its extensive opening hours, the Terrace offers the Menu del Arte from Monday to Friday and a Brunch service on Saturdays.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday and Sundays from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Fridays and Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 1.30 a.m.
Access: Glorieta del Emperador Carlos V (Ronda de Atocha)