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Secondary School

EN-El proyecto educativo dirigido a Educación Secundaria tiene como objetivo principal contribuir a la formación de los alumnos, en cuanto que son ciudadanos participativos y críticos. Por ese motivo, la Colección y las exposiciones se conciben como plataformas a partir de las cuales generar reflexión y debate, estableciendo vínculos entre el arte y el análisis de la sociedad contemporánea. En todas las actividades para esta etapa educativa se concede especial importancia a la aportación y a la autonomía de los alumnos.


  • Cinema on Course
    10 to 12 working sessions, from January to May, 2014

    Cinema on Course

    Collaborative project

    Escolares Secundaria Education Permanent educational program

    As part of the Cinema On Course initiative (a programme run by the association A Bao A Qu), this academic year we will be offering a school group the chance to work on an educational project based around cinematic creation. Over the course of several working sessions, all of which follow a highly practical methodology, participants work collectively on the processes of documentation, scripting, directing, planning, filming and editing, leading to the production of a documentary short.

  • Based on True Stories
    November, 2013 - March, 2014
    Escolares Secundaria Education Visit Workshop

    The starting point for this activity is the exhibition Biographical Forms (November 26, 2013 to March 31, 2014). The exhibition’s focus is the various elements concurrent in any biographical construct or story, such as childhood and relatives, places and spaces one has lived in, travel, recollections and memory, expectations and the various relationships one is involved in over a lifetime. After a visit looking at the way that these elements are dealt with in selected works, the pupils will have the chance to develop their own creative processes based around biography and autobiography.