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Equal Access

EN-El compromiso del Museo Reina Sofía con la accesibilidad universal se materializa en una serie de acciones que, fundamentadas en el principio del “diseño para todos”, respondan a la idea de diversidad funcional humana, contribuyendo a facilitar, completar y enriquecer la experiencia de todos los visitantes. Además de sus líneas de acción educativa específicas para los diversos públicos con discapacidad, el Museo ofrece un amplio conjunto de servicios de accesibilidad al visitante.


  • A moment of the activity If it was a Movement...
    Academic Year 2014-2015 – Alternating Thursdays - 10:30 a.m. - 13:00 p.m.
    Accesibilidad Personas con discapacidad intelectual Education Modern dance Visit

    If it was a Movement… is an ongoing project which, for the fifth consecutive year, is directed at Special Education Schools in order to present an intuitive and essentially sensorial approach to the works of art. A dancer and an instrumentalist lead a journey around various rooms and works in the Museum, during which music and dance are the languages used to experience the form and the content inherent in each work, looking into ways of communicating other than the verbal.