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The companies, foundations and institutions that form part of the Patronage category work with the Museo to finance activities and actively participate in the development of programmes.

A Partnership Agreement between the Museo Reina Sofía, CRUMA and Banco Santander to organise and manage three Research Residency grants, through which students, researchers and teachers undertake residencies for a two-month period at the Museo. They have access to bibliographical and documentary resources to conduct research and also actively participate in the activities carried out by the Museo’s Higher Education Centre.

A Partnership Agreement to develop the exhibition Marcel Broodthaers. A Retrospective. The Community of Madrid joins the Reina Sofia Museum in the desire to contribute and support the development of major exhibitions of the highest artistic and scientific quality favoring the important offer of art in Madrid and its access to citizens.

A Partnership Agreement between COPE and the Museo Reina Sofía to disseminate the Museo’s cultural programme. By virtue of its interest in promoting and advocating aspects of cultural significance, both nationally and internationally, COPE is affiliated with the Museo Reina Sofía as a Media Partner, with a view to disseminating and publicly circulating the image, collections and cultural programme of the Museo.

El País is affiliated with the Museo as a Media Partner to disseminate and publicly circulate, both nationally and internationally, the image, temporary exhibitions, collections and cultural programme of the Museo. In 2016 its collaboration has been through the dissemination of the temporary exhibition Campo Cerrado. Spanish Art 1939–1953.

Estrella Damm and the Damm Foundation, in line with their commitment to culture and cultural institutions, are affiliated with the Museo Reina Sofía via a Partnership Agreement to develop cultural activities in the Museo. From their beginnings, Estrella Damm and the Damm Foundation have actively assumed a position alongside all forms of artistic expression that add value to society and highlight its way of being.

A Partnership Agreement between the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation and the Museo Reina Sofía to develop the programme Transform. The Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation, an affiliate of the Fondation de France, is a family foundation of patronage that primarily works in France and Spain, endeavouring to fund projects related to two major areas that contribute to the fulfilment of human development and a better world to live in: sustainable food systems and art in the community. By virtue of the programme Transform, the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation and the Museo Reina Sofía seek to train and assist young artists in developing education projects inside and outside the Museo, thus studying potential forms of stable employment in the field of pedagogy as an alternative or complement to conventional job circles in the arts.

In its role as a vehicle for knowledge and reflection, as well as a driving force behind new spaces for the experimentation, creation and dissemination of contemporary art, the Museo Reina Sofía is developing, in collaboration with illycaffè, the cultural programme Encounters 2016. illy has chosen the world of contemporary art to express the values and philosophy of the company, and the Museo joins illy to offer coffee tasting that stimulates dialogue among its visitors, thus fostering speech between art and culture.