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Frequently asked Questions FAQ

General Information

Who can use the Library?  The Library and Documentation Centre of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía provides free access, at no charge, to its collection on contemporary art, so it can be used by anybody interested in consulting the collection. There is no library card but you must show a national ID card, a passport or other official identification document when you enter.

Is it possible to visit the Library?  The Library is for study and research, and therefore individual visits are not allowed. Group visits can be arranged in advance and will take place between 9 and 10 a.m., outside of the library's opening hours. 

Is it possible to photograph the Library? Permission must be obtained from the Museum before its premises can be photographed.

What days opens the Library?  The Library is open Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. When the museum is closed on Tuesdays, the entrance is by the Ronda de Atocha.

What am I allowed to take inside the Library?  You can take in laptop computers, scanners and cameras. Coats, umbrellas and other objects must be left at the coat check located next to the Library's entrance. You can take in books and notes. It is a good idea to have coins with you when you come to the Library, in case you want to use the photocopying machines. You should also have an official ID document with you because you will be asked for it when you consult materials kept in areas that are not freely accessible. 

Can I use my laptop in the Library? Laptops can be used in the reading room and electric outlets are available. Computers must have the sound turned off.

Can I connect to Internet in the Library?  The Library has a Wi-Fi Internet connection area for use by Library users. To connect, look for the network: “Biblioteca MNRS”. The bandwidth is 6Mb. 

Is it possible for persons with mobility problems to access the collection?  The library staff will always try to solve any difficulties that may arise in this respect. 

How can I make my complaint known? Library users may use the complaint and suggestion forms available at the information desks, which are located at the two entrances to the Museum.

Can I borrow materials from the Library to use at home? The library does not loan its materials to individuals. 

Access to collections

How can I learn my way around the Library? There are maps in the reading rooms that will inform you of the location of items from the collection that can be freely accessed. If you have any questions, please ask the reading room staff.
Consult the Layout of the collection items in the reading room.

How can I locate a book?  The Library has 10 computers with which to consult the automated catalogue. If you have any questions, the reading room staff can help you.  

Is it possible to consult audiovisual materials?  The Library has DVD copiers. The titles held in the reading room can be accessed directly, but for the others you must submit a request to the Library staff. 

What is the procedure for requesting the documents I want to consult? LThe documents that are on the shelves of the reading room can be freely accessed. But part of the collection (the titles classified as follows: CD, CDME, CDR, DONACIÓN, DVD, DVDME, DVDR, VINL, VINS, [journals] Encuadernada, Folletos Caja, Folletos Grande, MAN, MATERIAL ESPECIAL, LA, FL, COM, FAN, RESERVA, REVII, [journals] Sueltas, SUPERMAN and dossieres de prensa [press dossiers]) can only be consulted after showing ID (national ID card, passport, etc.). These materials can be requested three at a time, although the items in RESERVA will be provided one at a time. 

Does the Library have catalogues for the temporary exhibitions being held at the Museum? The Library adds the catalogues of the Museum's exhibitions to its collection as soon as they are published.

Library Services

Can I ask the Library to purchase a document?  There is a desiderata box where you can put your requests for books published within the past five years that are not in the collection and that you consider to be worthwhile. The Library will study every request to see if the desired item fits with its acquisitions policy. 

Can I reserve the materials I am consulting? Library users can reserve up to five books for a maximum of seven days. To do so they must place the documents on the tables for this purpose that are found in the reading room, accompanied by the completed reservation form. Excluded from this service are the documents classified as follows: CD, CDME, CDR, DONACIÓN, DVD; DVDME; DVDR, [journals] Encuadernada, Folletos Caja, Folletos Grande, MAN, MATERIAL ESPECIAL, RESERVA, REVII, [journals] Sueltas, SUPERMAN and dossieres de prensa (press dossiers). 

Can I print the results of my catalogue search? The results of catalogue searches performed in the reading room cannot be printed. However, if doing so is necessary, please consult with the Library staff. 

Can I take photographs, photocopy or scan documents from the Library? 

The collection can be photographed within the limits established by the Spanish Intellectual Property Law.

The Library has three self-service photocopiers, two are black and white and one is colour. If you intend to make photocopies, bring coins with you because the Library does not make change. For any other use than research (advertising, publishing, exhibition) the signing of an agreement with the Museum would be required.

For reasons of conservation, photocopies cannot be made of the documents classified under REVII, FL, LA, RESERVA, ME, SP, MS, DUPII, EPHR, EPH, EPHM, Arch, FAN, COM, CDME, DVDME and VIN.

Reprodution of this documents should be requested to the Servicio de Acceso al Documento (

Can we work on group projects? The Library does not have special rooms for working on group projects.

Is it possible to visit the Library and Documentation Center? It is a public access space dedicated to research and dissemination of the documentary collections of the Museum. Situated on the Space D, Floor 0 of the building, it is freely available and open the same days as the Museum Library.

What readers are considered preferred to access the Library? Preference will be accredited to researchers or students belonging to one of the following categories: BNE researcher, CSIC researcher, research fellows, PhD, members of ICOM, MNCARS friends, SEDIC partners, museum staff, teachers and university students in the branch of Arts and Humanities of the following specialties: Fine Arts, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Design, Art History, Audiovisual Communication; and students of Architecture. If your university card does not specify the specialty of studies or the year of enrollment, it's sufficient to submit a photocopy of your document or image of your enrollment form. Should you be doing some research and do not have any of these documents, please contact via email to obtain authorization.