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Educational programs

Museo Reina Sofía undertakes as one of its primary functions the pedagogical task of promoting sensitivity, creative imagination and the capacity for critical judgement. These skills represent basic tools for operating in a complex world in constant change, such as today's world. The Museum seeks to distance itself from the conceptualisation of a museum as a "no man's land," to instead become a catalyst for the development of a common territory. This can occur only if the Museum sees itself as a space for education, knowing all the while that it is not that the Museum teaches but rather that in the Museum a great deal of learning can occur.

The Museum is aware that entering the realm of education means entering the realm of the other, in direct negotiation with the other's expectations, rhythms and desires. This means accepting the constant risk of losing the purity of one's principles and of being challenged and interrogated. Despite the difficulties that may arise, our educational efforts should serve as a salutary lesson, to deepen the public dimension of art and its institutions, by projecting them unfailingly towards society. The Museum's pedagogical activity ranges from workshops for young children to mediation aimed at the various types of visitors to higher education, and it is based on close dialogue with the educational community: schools, universities and research groups.

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