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Room 104.09 ZAJ, Musical Theatre Concert

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In 1964, Juan Hidalgo (1927) founded the Zaj group together with musicians Walter Marchetti and Ramón Barce. The most characteristic works from the group’s early years, the performances known as Conciertos Zaj (Zaj Concerts), were inspired by the experimental activities of Fluxus and the music of John Cage. Lanas (Yarns, 1972/2009), which the artist defined as a Zaj environment, was created with the assistance of Marchetti for the end-of-term party at the German Institute in Madrid, held on 30 May 1972. This ephemeral work, which had been somewhat overlooked in the official history of art, was revived by the Museo Reina Sofía on the occasion of the 2009 exhibition The Pamplona Encounters. This provided an opportunity to showcase a movement and sound installation created by the artist just one month before travelling to Pamplona for the Concierto Zaj, which took place at the Gayarre Theatre on 28 June.