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Room 418 Fissures of Modernity. Antiprojects: the Formless, the Dysfunctional, the Unproductive

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Beginning in the late 1950s, artistic modernity shows a series of rifts that foreshadow its definitive fragmentation. Artists in different parts of the world, not connected to each other but who share common critiques of modern discourse, create fissures, both literally and metaphorically, in traditional media: the pictorial surface, writing, sculpture material or the architectural project. The tagli and buchi (slashes and holes) of Lucio Fontana, the automatic drawings of Henri Michaux, the architectural inquiries of Roberto Matta, the particular alphabet of signs of Giuseppe Capogrossi and the early productions of Pol Bury can be understood as gestures of a larger anti-modern reaction, gestures that introduced distortions and new idioms into the international language of European informalism and North American abstract expressionism.

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