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Room 104.03 Sol LeWitt. Wall Drawing #47, 1970

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The first installation of Wall Drawing #47 was drawn in June 1970 by Kazuko Miyamoto, at the Philippe-Guy Wood Residence in Vasenaz, Geneva. The Museo Reina Sofía purchased the piece in 2009. The first installation was completed between October 12 and November 15, 2011, with Chip Allen and Roland Lusk as draughtspersons, under the supervision of John Hogan, installation director for the Sol LeWitt Studio.

The current installation is on a wall 5 metres high and 15.8 metres wide. The draughtspersons are Roland Lusk and Andrew Colbert, under the direction of John Hogan. The work will be carried out between November 3 and December 10, 2014, over a total of thirty 8-hour days, with the participation of six assistants. The drawing is done in H6 pencil on a wall specifically prepared to create a flat surface that does not alter the lines which make up the piece. Wall Drawing #47 requires meticulous work to ensure uniform pressure of the pencil on the support. It is finished with a water-based varnish applied by a specialist from the Sol LeWitt Studio and an assistant. This requires two full 8-hour days.