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Moment vital (Vital Moment)

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  • Date: 
  • Material: 
    Plaster and wire
  • Technique: 
    Cast and patinated
  • Dimensions: 
    50 x 32 x 26 cm
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Along with the painter Antoni G. Lamolla, sculptor Leandre Cristòfol was the main representative of the Lleida surrealist group centred around the magazine Art, which was started in March 1933. Moment vital (Vital Moment) is a work that falls squarely within Cristòfol’s surrealist period, part of the series known as morfologías (morphologies), drawings and wire and plaster sculptures done using automatism, as so often practised by the surrealists, based on modelling on top of metal structures. The result is a composition which, by attempting to avoid being laden with any conscious decisions, produces organic, semi-abstract shapes that still retain certain references to reality. In the case of Moment vital, the composition shows the typical maternity scene plunged into an oneiric atmosphere with a remarkable added dynamic. Cristòfol’s training as a cabinetmaker meant he could adapt to any technical modelling challenges, and he applied this ability to his artistic work. The writer Josep Viola Gamón, editor of Art magazine, described Cristòfol’s sculpture as the result of “a magical poetry and of an absolute lyricism, of which the creator can say, in the words of Rimbaud: ‘I expressed the inexpressible’.”

Carmen Fernández Aparicio


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