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  • Magazine D'aci i D'alla, 1934. Biblioteca y Centro de Documentación, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid
    29 october, 1996 - 09 january, 1997
    Program: Biblioteca y Centro de Documentación

    Creative, literary and artistic magazines that arose during the Spanish crisis in 1898 and at the start of the Civil War are the core theme of this exhibition that recognises their crucial role in the development of Spanish art history. They are magazines that serve as platforms from which artistic renewal springs and are the stage for the birth of modern Spanish criticism.

    Biblioteca y Centro de Documentación
  • 02 july, 1996 - 29 october, 1996
    Program: Biblioteca y Centro de Documentación

    On July 8, 1952 the library and art gallery Sur opens its doors in Santander. From then and for the following four decades the gallery owner Manuel Arce runs one of the most prestigious contemporary Spanish art galleries. Sur exceeds its peripheral geographical position and manages to be not only a pioneer in its exhibitions, but also respected for its consistency and ability to evolve and adapt to the new directions taken by the creative context.

    Biblioteca y Centro de Documentación