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  • Beryl Korot. The Cave, 1994
    15 june, 1994 - 11 july, 1994
    Cinema and video Screenings

    The Cave is a multi-channel video installation by Beryl Korot (New York, 1945) with music by Steve Reich (New York, 1936) inspired by the multimedia opera The Cave (1994), the first collaboration between the two artists, made up of music, video and theatre for 13 musicians and four singers. The title of The Cave comes from the only site in the world that is sacred to both Jews and Muslims: the Cave of the Patriarchs where Abraham is buried with his descendents. The piece tells the biblical story of Abraham and his family from a contemporary perspective. Beryl Korot and Steve Reich studied the common roots of Judaism, Islam and Christianity in a series of interviews with members of these religions, asking them: Who is Abraham? And Sarah? And Hagar? Ishmael? Isaac? The answers, collected in testimonials from Israelis and Palestinians living in Jerusalem and inhabitants of New York and Austin in the United States, were recorded by the artists on video and audiotapes and provide the framework for the reflections on modern culture, religion and human relationships presented in this work.