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  • May 2010
    Seminars and conferences

    For most of its existence, the museum has done the exact opposite. Far from recognising the tension between the inscrutability of meaning and the opening to another language in the modern art work, the museum has watered it down to a contemplation that has become an auratic ritual frozen in a distant past. Dos lecturas sobre la colección (Two readings on the collection), along with La Colección Reescrita (Rewriting The Collection) represents an attempt to reintroduce the staging of diverse timeframes and heterogeneous periods involving the historical narrative and its own materiality within the museum. In so far as it is an institution that orders objects, artefacts, documents and the relationships between these things and the public in a series of narrations, the museum must consider not only which stories it is to tell, but also what devices to employ for their narration.

  • February 2010
    Seminars and conferences

    Stricken bodies, mutant bodies: Losing the human form evokes an image of the 1980s in Latin America that draws a counterpoint between the devastating effects of violence on bodies, and the radical experiments of freedom and transformation that challenged the repressive order. Between horror and festivity, the selected materials show not only the atrocious consequences of countless disappearances and massacres occurring under the dictatorial regimes, states of siege and internal wars, but also the collective urges to create new ways of life, in continual revolution.