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  • February 2010
    Exhibitions Centro de estudios

    Nuevos Realismos: 1957-1962. Estrategias del objeto entre readymade y espectáculo (Museo Reina Sofía, 16 de junio al 4 de octubre) es una exposición sobre un momento cronológico concreto que, pese a su aparente dispersión, concentra diferentes puntos de inflexión y cambios de paradigma, desde el final de la pintura hasta la relación entre ready-made y mercado de consumo. Julia Robinson, historiadora del arte y comisaria de la exposición, presenta las diferentes posiciones y planteamientos que incluye la exposición. Artistas representados: Marcel Duchamp, Öyvind Fahlström, Allan Kaprow, Yves Klein, Raymond Hains, Piero Manzoni, Robert Rauschenberg, Mimmo Rotella, Jacques de la Villeglé, Robert Whitman, Christo, François Dufrêne, Roy Lichtenstein, Giuseppe Pinot Gallizio, Jean Tinguely, Robert Watts, George Brecht, Jim Dine, Claes Oldenburg, Daniel Spoerri, Martial Raysse, Robert Rauschenberg, Jean Tinguely, Wolf Vostell, Robert Watts, César, Gerard Deschamps, Niki de Saint Phalle, Robert Breer, Ben Vautier, Jean-Pierre Mirouze, D.A. Pennebaker, Billy Kluver y Ed van der Elsken.

  • May 2010
    Seminars and conferences

    For most of its existence, the museum has done the exact opposite. Far from recognising the tension between the inscrutability of meaning and the opening to another language in the modern art work, the museum has watered it down to a contemplation that has become an auratic ritual frozen in a distant past. Dos lecturas sobre la colección (Two readings on the collection), along with La Colección Reescrita (Rewriting The Collection) represents an attempt to reintroduce the staging of diverse timeframes and heterogeneous periods involving the historical narrative and its own materiality within the museum. In so far as it is an institution that orders objects, artefacts, documents and the relationships between these things and the public in a series of narrations, the museum must consider not only which stories it is to tell, but also what devices to employ for their narration.

  • February 2010
    Seminars and conferences

    Stricken bodies, mutant bodies: Losing the human form evokes an image of the 1980s in Latin America that draws a counterpoint between the devastating effects of violence on bodies, and the radical experiments of freedom and transformation that challenged the repressive order. Between horror and festivity, the selected materials show not only the atrocious consequences of countless disappearances and massacres occurring under the dictatorial regimes, states of siege and internal wars, but also the collective urges to create new ways of life, in continual revolution.

  • From 4 July to 8 July, 2011

    Reinventing Space marks the inauguration of a new initiative in which young artists collaborate with the Museum in creating workshops designed for children. Exhibitions by Yayoi Kusama, Lygia Pape and Elena Asins serve as the context and material for the workshop.

  • May 2011
    Cinema and video

    What is the role of video in relation to the art institution? What paths and currents has video followed between its arrival and the current situation in Spain? This video comments on the program Video era. Setting and potential (80-00), held at the end of May 2011, which seeks to answer such questions, with a combined format of debate and screenings on four different dates.

  • March 2011
    The Collection Centro de estudios

    Structured around various core ideas, this interview with the author of the book Modernismo después de la postmodernidad (2011) shows the dilemmas arising between a revision of the melancholic and contemplative past, returned in the form of the architectural memorial, and a critical reading from the museum, in which history and memory are confronted. Huyssen discusses the foundations of a new modernism, which has future prospects and projects but lacks a geographical centre and power hierarchies.

  • July 2012

    The educational program Sound familiar?, for children and accompanying adults, consists of an interactive visit through some of the rooms of the Collection. It was designed by Pablo Martín Jones and is also performed by him, along with Raúl Márquez and David Escudero. Sound familiar? This activity is an educational and artistic project that offers a musical interpretation of certain pictorial works of the second and fourth floor of the Museo Reina Sofía Collection, in order to explore sensibilities other than the exclusively visual approach to different works of art.

  • November 2012
    Activities Live Arts

    Fluxus to the People is a program of concerts, activities, guided tours, lectures and also a documentary exhibition, all of which explore the imagination of the collective, the idea of art as a community tool and the process of de-specialization of the artist figure that is at the heart of the Fluxus movement. This program has consciously been given the format of a festival. Firstly, it defends the playful and participatory nature of many of the avant-garde manifestations from 1960 onwards. Secondly, it explores new ways of approaching contemporary art through public activity.


  • If it were a movement

    Educational guided tour

    From 17 Octover 2012 to 5 July 2013
    This educational program explores new ways to appreciate the artistic process and sets out to break with the traditional staticity of people viewing art; the aim is to raise viewers' awareness of the physicality of the works and also of their own corporal
  • July 2012
    Activities Education

    Construir universos is a workshop led by the young artist Ignacio Chávarri. In it the participants reinterpret the exhibition by the German artist, Rosemarie Trockel: a cosmos. The experiences they have in the rooms activate the creative process: the children take as their point of departure both the contents of the Museum and the items they find in their personal space (bedroom, drawers, backpack…) and they put them together in a private cosmos that contrasts with the collective cosmos that they create all together. 


  • Eduardo Coutinho

    the documentary and the word

    March 2013
    Activities Cinema and video

    Eduardo Coutinho (São Paulo, 1933 - Rio de Janeiro, 2014) is an essential name in Latin American documentary film. His work is shaped by political issues but manages to avoid demagogy, as he addresses the everyday lives and subjectivities of marginal majorities with a sensibility not altered by melodrama. He was interviewed on the occasion of the film and video series Eduardo Coutinho. Retrospective, held at Museo Reina Sofía between February and April 2013.

  • January, 2014
    Exhibitions Live Arts

    Poetry lecture by Ben Okri on the opening of Elly Strik. Ghosts, Brides and other Companions, on January 22, 2014.