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  • Eduardo Coutinho

    the documentary and the word

    March 2013
    Activities Cinema and video

    Eduardo Coutinho (São Paulo, 1933 - Rio de Janeiro, 2014) is an essential name in Latin American documentary film. His work is shaped by political issues but manages to avoid demagogy, as he addresses the everyday lives and subjectivities of marginal majorities with a sensibility not altered by melodrama. He was interviewed on the occasion of the film and video series Eduardo Coutinho. Retrospective, held at Museo Reina Sofía between February and April 2013.

  • May 2011
    Cinema and video

    What is the role of video in relation to the art institution? What paths and currents has video followed between its arrival and the current situation in Spain? This video comments on the program Video era. Setting and potential (80-00), held at the end of May 2011, which seeks to answer such questions, with a combined format of debate and screenings on four different dates.