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  • Inhabiting Painting

    Artist-led Workshop with Miren Doiz

    July, 2015

    The Artist-led Workshop, a collaborative project between artists and educators aimed at children aged between 8 and 11, and this year in its fifth edition, sets up a dialogue between the artistic career of Miren Doiz (Pamplona, 1980) and the works on display in the two temporary exhibitions from the Kunstmuseum Basel.

    Artist Miren Doiz explore both exhibitions with participants, not only to highlight the historical importance of collecting as a staple in the holdings of public collections, but primarily to put forward an overview of painting from contemporary practice. Miren Doiz’s surroundings-based works, which intervene through expanded painting, trigger experiences that directly pose a question to the viewer through sentience. Her concept of painting transgresses the frameworks that encapsulate it and includes diverse techniques, which allow the children participating to discover, over the five days the workshop is held, how this can generate inhabitable spaces.

  • July 2014

    Artist's Workshop is an initiative from the Education department conceived as a collaborative project between artists and educators with reference temporary exhibitions of the museum. The proposal for the summer of 2014 is based on Playgrounds, an exhibition focused on play and their urban and social impact. The Museum has Leonor Serrano Rivas to design an experience aimed at children aged 8 to 11 years to allow them to review the play spaces commonly used in parks and squares, and create new ones from a fun and critical point of view. During five days, the artist, children and educators, coexist three hours with the aim of developing a specific project that will eventually be visited by their parents.

  • September, 2014

    Acting in Shadows is an activity that aims to expand the artistic experience into a field of bodywork and theatricality. Created by Teatres de la Llum, this workshop seeks to explore the elements of theatricality in selected works from the collection of the Museo Reina Sofia, incorporating elements from the theater work, such as gesture, body language, scenographic composition and the expressive potential of light.

  • November, 2013
    Activities Education

    One of Museo Reina Sofía’s objectives is to incorporate new strategies into its relationships with visitors: strategies that help visitors to understand and enjoy the content they see and also to conceive of the institution itself as a space for shared reflection. This will entail replacing the linear, one-way and exclusive narration with one that is more plural, in which the visitor’s contribution plays a decisive role and in which the art experience goes beyond mere contemplation.

    In order to move towards such a multiplicity of visions and to create this common space, the Museum has started a cultural education project. In this video, the team of cultural mediators explains the strategies, motivations, objectives and hopes of this innovative project that was launched just two years ago.

    The educational program has been made possible by the Fundación Banco Santander.

  • July 2012
    Activities Education

    Construir universos is a workshop led by the young artist Ignacio Chávarri. In it the participants reinterpret the exhibition by the German artist, Rosemarie Trockel: a cosmos. The experiences they have in the rooms activate the creative process: the children take as their point of departure both the contents of the Museum and the items they find in their personal space (bedroom, drawers, backpack…) and they put them together in a private cosmos that contrasts with the collective cosmos that they create all together. 


  • If it were a movement

    Educational guided tour

    From 17 Octover 2012 to 5 July 2013
    This educational program explores new ways to appreciate the artistic process and sets out to break with the traditional staticity of people viewing art; the aim is to raise viewers' awareness of the physicality of the works and also of their own corporal
  • July 2012

    The educational program Sound familiar?, for children and accompanying adults, consists of an interactive visit through some of the rooms of the Collection. It was designed by Pablo Martín Jones and is also performed by him, along with Raúl Márquez and David Escudero. Sound familiar? This activity is an educational and artistic project that offers a musical interpretation of certain pictorial works of the second and fourth floor of the Museo Reina Sofía Collection, in order to explore sensibilities other than the exclusively visual approach to different works of art.

  • From 4 July to 8 July, 2011

    Reinventing Space marks the inauguration of a new initiative in which young artists collaborate with the Museum in creating workshops designed for children. Exhibitions by Yayoi Kusama, Lygia Pape and Elena Asins serve as the context and material for the workshop.