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International Museum Day

Ruemaniak Collective. NORTHSTAR CANADÁ 240

May 18, 2013 - 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. / Nouvel Building Patio

Free of charge

Ruemaniak Collective, 2013
Ruemaniak Collective, 2013

Ruemaniak engages in creation and analysis in the realm of performing and audiovisual arts. Its members work in dance, performance, experimental film and video creation. They started collaborating on different projects at the beginning of 2000, and they decided to form a collective in 2008, in order to create together the piece Apuntes sobre animales, encuentros y autopistas, a project subsidised by the Basque Government and Fundación Bilboarte. They then went on to create Sergei and Northstar Canada 240.

The work processes used by Ruemaniak allow for the transversal sharing of references from the performing arts, film, photography and literature and also of political and ideological themes. The group follows a creation process that is open to discussion and the exchange of impressions, and which thus evolves and is eventually transformed. In Northstar Canada 240, which will have two performances in the Nouvel Building patio, the artists will share with the audience some of their questions, such as "what do the performing arts have that is impossible to see in a film or video? According to Ruemaniak, watching it on a screen or hearing about it cannot be compared to actually being there with all your senses, experiencing the journey in the first person.

Free of charge

  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • With the support of:

    Basque Department of Culture 

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