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Cinema on Course

Collaborative project

10 to 12 working sessions, from January to May, 2014

As part of the Cinema On Course initiative (a programme run by the association A Bao A Qu), this academic year we will be offering a school group the chance to work on an educational project based around cinematic creation. Over the course of several working sessions, all of which follow a highly practical methodology, participants work collectively on the processes of documentation, scripting, directing, planning, filming and editing, leading to the production of a documentary short.

The aim of the initiative is to have an influence the general education of the pupils, so it is aimed at those teachers who are interested in using film production as a support for their classroom work and as a means of reaching global educational objectives that affect a number of different skills and disciplines.

Activity´s details

Intended for: 

Secondary Education and Bachillerato students

Organized by: 

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

In collaboration with: 
Education programme developed under the patronage of:
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