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Block 3. Sexual disobediences

The friction of bodies

January 30 and February 1, 6, 8 and 13, 2013 - 19:00 h /
Sabatini Building, Auditorium

In the 1980s various artistic experiences involving gender subversion and sexual disobedience put forward a critique of normative heterosexuality, and at the same time questioned the left-wing imaginary, by confronting the naturalized relationships of inequality, authoritarianism and subordination that support these discourses. This situation is addressed in Improper Behaviour, a film in which Cuban refugees are interviewed about the incarceration of homosexuals, political dissidents and Jehovah's Witnesses in labour camps, under the Cuban government's policy of Military Units to Aid Production (UMAP). Many of these art practices were also a response to the HIV/AIDS crisis, as mentioned in Dzi Croquettes, and to the continual stigmatisation of minorities. Through carnivalesque performative interventions, as in Pedro Lemebel: corazón en fuga (Pedro Lemebel: a fleeing heart), images of prosthetic alterations or encounters between non-normative sexualities, such as those seen in Batato's Movie, the artistic insubordination present in this block shatters heterosexuality as a political regime.

Session  7

30 January, 7 p.m.

La peli de Batato (Batato's Movie)
Goyo Anchou y Peter Pank   . Argentina, 2011. Production format: various, 150 min. Exhibition copy in DVD. Distributed by Goyo Anchou, Argentina.

Session  8

1 February, 7 p.m.

El homosexual o la dificultad de expresarse (The homosexual, or the difficulty of expressing oneself).
Teatro del Sol. Peru, 1990. Production format: VHS, 63 min. Exhibition copy in DVD. Distributed by Giuseppe Campuzano, Peru.

Pedro Lemebel: corazón en fuga (Pedro Lemebel: a fleeing heart)
Verónica Quense. Chile, 2009. Production format: Betacam, 53 min. Exhibition copy in Betacam. Distributed by Verónica Quense, Chile.

Session  9

6 February, 7 p.m.

Conducta impropia (Improper Behaviour)
Néstor Almendros and Orlando Jiménez Leal. France, Cuba, 1984. Production format: 35 mm, 93 min. Exhibition copy in Betacam. Original language: Spanish and French, with Spanish subtitles. Distributed by Orlando Jiménez Leal, New York.

Presentation: Andrés Isaac Santana
Andrés Isaac Santana (Matanzas, Cuba, 1979) is an art critic, essayist, editor and exhibition curator. His publications include “Imágenes del desvío. La voz homoerótica en el arte cubano contemporáneo” (Ed. J.C, Sáez, Chile, 2004) and he edited the compilation of texts “Nosotros, los más infieles. Narraciones críticas sobre el arte cubano (1993-2005)”, (Ed. Cendeac, Murcia, 2007).

Session  10

8 February, 7 p.m.

108 Cuchillo de palo (108 Wooden Knife)
Renate Costa. Spain, Paraguay, 2010. Production format: Super-8 and digital video, 93 min. Exhibition copy in Betacam. Distributed by: Estudi Playtime, Barcelona.

Made by: Dea Pompa. Based on an original idea by: Lia Colombino. Paraguay, 2012. Production format: DV-Cam, 20 min. Exhibition copy in DVD. Distributed by Lia Colombino. Short film not previously released, made jointly with Museo Reina Sofía and the network Conceptualismos del Sur.

Session  11

13 February, 7 p.m.

Dzi Croquettes
Tatiana Issa and Raphael Álvarez. Brazil, 2009. Production format: various, 110 min. Exhibition copy in Blu-Ray. Original language: Portuguese, with Spanish subtitles. Distributed by: Tatiana Issa and Raphael Álvarez, Brazil.

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